High Command - AutoTroll "Sign up" Form
To enroll at this AutoHost players database simply submit the form below filling up the appropriate fields according to your taste and possibilities. Important: leave 'sign up' command in the subject input window unchanged!

Players who already are enrolled and want to change their settings have to enter their current password in the subject input window. When the form is filled up submit it by clicking 'Mail Host'.

A confirmation message will be sent to you as soon as AutoTroll processes the mail.

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Got problems?

Some browers do not cooperate with the form you find below. If you get an error message to your request or you get no answer at all then send me a mail and I'll have a look at it.
Mail to: hc_feedback@t-online.de

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P lease read the policies before joining.

Fields with * ARE REQUIRED!

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Receive warning messages: Yes No
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Show shadow email address: Yes No